Tuesday, October 18, 2011

..::Barrett: 6 Months::..

HALLELUJAH....Barrett is 6 MONTHS OLD!!!!


I look forward to this milestone like none other!! Yes, half of my baby's first year is over....but that also means that HALF OF MY BABY'S FIRST YEAR IS ALMOST OVER!!! :-) I do enjoy the tiny-ness and snuggles of a new baby but everything else that goes along with having a newborn in the house...not so much. But now that we've reached 6 months, not only am I feeling more sane and more in control after having a baby...but Barrett is getting to a point where he's just easier. He's always been a good baby...but now, he's started to play with toys more and is interested in things around him and has started to eat baby puffs which helps for times when I'm making dinner and just need a few more minutes before feeding him. It just seems like things get a little bit easier each and every day, starting at 6 months.


His stats at 6 months:

Weight: 22.5 lbs (98th percentile)

Height: 28" (95th percentile)

Head: 46 cm (98th percentile...yay, he's actually ON the charts now!)
Milestones this month:
*Rolled over back to front - Sept 22nd
*Starts shaking head side to side - Sept 29th
*Has started eating baby puffs
Barrett, we love you more than we can possibly imagine. Our family would be lost without your funny little personality, your sweet smiles and snuggles, your adorable laugh, your squishy-ness!!! We just can't get enough of you!


The Gibbs said...

Tyler is 24lbs and is 2.5 years old. Yikes Barrett is sure filled out. Lol.

The Wilkes said...

What a big kid! Mia weighs the same and she's 20 months...how funny!

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