Saturday, October 8, 2011

{Eating Crow}

It's NO secret...I've never been a big fan of minivans. Never liked them. Never wanted one. Never wanted to own one. It wasn't me. I'm more of a Tahoe kind of girl! Always have been. Always will be. And one day will most definitely own one! this present juncture of our lives, a Tahoe just isn't practical. And since having Barrett and squishing 3 car seats side by side in our Rendezvous, the picture became clearer and clearer that a van would be the most practical approach...for THIS season of our parenting. I stress THIS! As soon as the kiddos are big can bet we'll be shopping for a Tahoe! :-)
Anywho, onto the eating crow portion of this post...
MEET LUPE! (loop-ay)
She is the much younger, prettier sister of Kevin's car, Rosa!
And we are oh so happy to welcome her into our family! :-)
There...that's it...We. own. a. minivan. Crow eaten!!!
Now onto cuter things...I was feelin' a bit festive this morning so I decided to put Barrett in a Halloween shirt. Good thing I was thinkin' ahead when I bought it several months ago and got the 12 month sized shirt otherwise it wouldn't be fittin' our little chunker-munker. Oh goodness...I could just eat him up!
I know I have my hard days....but I have been sooooo blessed! I get to call these three adorable kiddos mine, M-I-N-E, mine!
Happy October!


oinorton said...

Oh those cheeks!! Just look at those cheeks!

The Wilkes said...

Very exciting...enjoy the extra space!

Valgardson Family said...

This is the mini van we have and you will love it I promise. It has so much room for three kids, carseats, strollers bags and bags and food and yep everything with kids:) Your kids are just soo cute, love those little cheeks so kissable.

Camille said...

such a stinkin cute baby!! Love him. The girls as always are adorable too!