Friday, November 18, 2011

..::Barrett: 7 Months::..

Seven months have come and gone. My baby is 7 months old!! He is getting soooo big and he's just so much fun to have around! His funny little personality is really starting to shine and I love it!
The Happenings this month:
*Says Da-Da - November 4th
*Gets up on all fours - November 4th
*FIRST TOOTH!!!! - November 16th (bottom left central)
Barrett is still scooching backwards and rolling everywhere he wants to go. Now that he's getting up on all fours and rocking to and fro, we know it won't be long until he's crawling all over the place! The girls love to make him laugh and he enjoys watching all of their antics! I hope they are always as protective and loving of him as they are now!
Happy 7 Months Bubba!