Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday...

Alexa is FIVE!!!!
Five years ago today, I became a Mom. Kevin and I became Parents. It. Was. A. BIG DAY! And today, that sweet baby girl has turned into a beautiful young little lady!
I cannot believe she is five!
A little bit about the birthday girl:
*She became a big sister again this year and thoroughly loves her baby brother!
*She started preschool and LOVES it! She asks every day if it is a school day!
*She does not like crusty food (totally not my daughter, the crispier the better for me!!!)
*She loves blankets and sleeps with several of her favorites each night
*She loves pretty things...dresses, skirts, shoes, purses, jewelry, hair
*She loves to sing and I can quite often find her during the day making up songs as she's playing
*She's 43 1/4 " tall (75th percentile) and 39 lbs (50th percentile)
*She would live in dresses if I would let her (I love her in jeans and a t-shirt too!!)
*She loves anything princessy
*She has a growing infatuation with Justin Bieber thanks to her cousin, Norah (I do not feed or encourage this infatuation)
*She still sucks her thumb but only at night now (too bad we can't just get rid of the thumb)
*She took a gymnastics class and had a lot of fun with her friend Evie
*She loves going to Primary at church and gets so excited when it's her turn to give a talk
Alexa decided that she wanted a family party and since her birthday fell on a Sunday this year, this worked out perfectly. We went out to dinner yesterday as a family, to Chili's...Alexa's choice, so she could get the free chocolate cake! Then today, she got to open presents before church. After church, I made her requested birthday dinner...steak, risotto and fruit salad. She has good taste!! She went back and forth all year as to what kind of cake she wanted but she finally settled on a strawberry cake with vanilla frosting and she wanted purple flowers. Easy peasy! Pretty low key...but I'm pretty sure she still felt special all day! I think her favorite part was probably getting her birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa Mortenson and her birthday package from Grandma and Grandpa Baker. She absolutely LOVES to get mail just for her and she was equally excited to find birthday money from both grandparents!
Happy Birthday Alexa!
We love you too much! :-)


jenny said...

You look soooo beautiful and grownup sweet peanut girl!!! gramma Jenny will always luv you toooo...... much!!!!