Thursday, January 26, 2012

Off to the Dentist...

A couple weeks ago (Jan 10th), we made our bi-annual trip to Kevin's office for our dental check-ups and cleanings. Up to this point, Payton has adamantly refused to even get anywhere near the chair (even with our dentist being her daddy!!!!) for the week or so before our appointments, I talked talked TALKED it up about how much of a big girl she is now and how fun it is to let daddy and Monique (the fabulous hygienist) count our teeth and make sure they are healthy. And it worked!! Here is Payton at her very first official dental check up!!! She looks a bit apprehensive in the picture but she really actually did very well and wasn't nervous at all. She didn't really open her mouth very wide but we'll count it a success!!!
Alexa is an old hat at it now so she just jumped right into the chair!
And Barrett....well, even though he DOES already have a couple teeth AND his daddy is a dentist, he hasn't had his first real check-up yet. We do keep a pretty close eye on him at home though...perks of having a dentist in the house!! :-) He looked pretty cute helping Andrea at the front desk though!!