Sunday, August 26, 2012

Daddy Weekend

I seriously have THE best Mister ever!  He so kindly took the kiddos to his parents again this weekend, leaving me all by my joyous lonesome!  I always have so many projects/things I want to get done, that just don't seem to get done with three little people constantly needing my attention.  It's really a win/win situation for all...the kids get some much needed time with daddy, they get to hang out with gramma and grampa, they get to do fun things...and I can get sooooo much accomplished when I don't have any interruptions! :-)
As soon as they got down to Elfrida, they went on a picnic and to play in the creek!

I so love this girl and her many facial expressions!

Oh this kid kills me!

Apparently, he'd had a long day!

Horses are always a big hit!

Except, apparently, for Alexa this time! :-)

Kevin even took the kiddos to church all by himself, with the help of his parents, of course.
He's my  hero!
Sure love him and his willingness to give me some much-needed ME time!