Saturday, October 13, 2012

Disney on Ice

When I heard that Disney on Ice was coming to Tucson, I knew I wanted to plan a mommy/daughter date with the girls!
All three of us were soooo excited!
Payton was enthralled waiting for the show to start!
Alexa was too as it began. 
Trying to get a good picture of us all together! 
They started with Princess and the Frog. 
Then Cinderella. 
And then Tangled.
I noticed Eugene descending from the rafters first and pointed him out to Alexa, who just smiled.
Then I leaned over to Payton and pointed up...and the second she saw him, she squealed "EUGEEEEEENE!!!!!"
It. was. adorable.

But I think the favorite part for both the girls, was when all the Prince and Princesses came out at the end in their "marry dresses" (as the girls call them).

I'm so grateful for these fun little dates I can go on with the girls. They are so special to me and I hope they never forget how much I love them!