Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween a nutshell

Halloween is always a fun, busy time of year.  Lots of fun things going on.
Our Halloween celebrations started off with our Ward Trunk or Treat.
This year, we had a butterfly, a witch and a puppy!
Cutest darn lil' puppy I've ever seen!
Then Payton had her Joy School Halloween party.
She was one protected litte witch, surrounded by all her super heroes!!
Then we painted pumpkins.
Mommy and Daddy weren't feeling up to actually carving pumpkins this year as we've all been sick a lot lately!  So painting it is!!

The girls took it very seriously!

They even painted all of our pumpkins, not just their own!

This morning, Alexa decided that being a butterfly at school would be too difficult as the wings would get in the way all day she was a princess instead. 
They even had a fun little picnic for their Halloween party. 
My poor lil' injured Bubba...still as cute as can be, bandaged hand and all! 
So excited to get candy!! 
The now traditional picture in front of the garage right before heading out to go trick or treating! 

My and my sad little puppy.

Once he figured out that he got candy by knocking on people's doors, he wouldn't let anyone hold him anymore...he just wanted to keep going to each door, all by himself.  And he'd get mad if we passed by a house because it was all dark...he didn't get that no one would be home, he just knew we were passing a house that should be giving him candy!  Funny boy!

Happy Halloween everyone!