Tuesday, November 20, 2012

..::Happy Birthday Alexa::..

Alexa has had a very fun-filled few days of birthday fun.
On Sunday morning, I let her open her present from Gramma Jenny!
Then this morning, I let her open the gifts from Kevin's assistant and hygienist (Jona and Kim).
It was so very nice and thoughtful of them to think of Alexa!

Then I went and took Alexa lunch at school today.
She requested McDonald's.
It was a lot of fun to start this tradition, one I hope to keep up each year and for each child! 

And tonight, we had our own little family birthday dinner.
Since we'd already had cupcakes at Alexa's party, she requested trifle for her birthday dessert on her actual birthday!
Yum...it was devilishly good!!

Happy Birthday sweet girl!  You are now 6 years old!

A few facts about the birthday girl:
*She is currently 45 3/4" tall
*She weighs 44.5 lbs
*She LOVES school and is reading above grade level
*She loves all things girly
*She prefers dresses and skirts to any other clothing
*Her favorite foods are pizza, chocolate chip pancakes, waffles, french toast
*Her favorite color is purple
*Her best friend is Ally McGee
*Her favorite thing at school is spelling
*Her favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast
*Her favorite princess is Belle
*Her favorite cake is strawberry cake with marshmallow frosting
*Her favorite thing to do at home is "play babies"
Happy Happy Happiest of Birthdays Alexa!
We love you sooooo much!!