Thursday, November 29, 2012

JOY School

For the past several weeks of Payton's joy school, the kids have been learning Christmas songs and practicing to do a little skit of the Nativity at a senior citizens center (aka old folks' home) here in town.  They have been learning about the joy of giving, the joy of service etc. and THIS week, the week of the actual visit to the old folks' home and performance happened to be MY week of teaching joy school.  It's been a little stressful, I'll admit.  But we've still had fun.  On Tuesday, the kiddos helped make Christmas treats for our upcoming family Christmas party next week, as well as having a mini dress rehearsal for today.

Then, today, we ventured over to the old folks' home. And despite the kids' lack of attention or desire to sing on Tuesday, leaving me very anxious about today, and me leaving my manuscript (for lack of a better word) at home sitting on the counter in my kitchen, we managed to pull it off!
The kids did GREAT!
And a big thank you to all the other moms...couldn't have done it without ya! :-)

Even though I agonized and stressed over this has really gotten me excited for the season and Spirit of Christmas!