Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Funny Kids--Cute Kids

Just a few random pictures from the past month...these crazy kiddos of mine!
They sure are adorable though!
Turned around one evening to see this!
Apparently the TV had been too distracting while playing dress up!!
 This kid only has one picture-taking face!
Oh wait...we got one with his eyes open!  It's a miracle!!

Oh and I guess here's another one... 

Happy playing at the park!

More cheese!  What a silly boy!

We had a cold snap a few weeks ago, with temps falling below freezing...not good for us Arizonans!  We finally broke down and bought Alexa a warmer she is being a "cold monster"!

Someone wanted to play with his sisters!

He's starting to look so grown up!  Oh I love this boy!

And the award for best bedhead goes to....PAYTON!!!

So tender!
 I could hear them talking in the living room and looked around the corner to find this!