Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Ostrich Farm

We have lived 25 minutes away from this ostrich farm/petting zoo for 3 years now and finally decided to go check it out.  After Spring Break, Alexa came home from school saying that "everyone else" in her class had gone there over the break and that we just HAD to go!
It turned out to be pretty fun!
The kiddos started out feeding the donkeys. The girls loved getting up close and personal but Barrett preferred to just watch!  There was one donkey (I think it might even be the lighter one in this picture) that would smile at you and he looks JUST like the donkey from Shrek when he does!  Hilarious!

They also have a big Monster Truck tour you can go on.  We tried it out and probably won't do it again until all the kiddos are older!  But it was still enjoyable.

We got to feed the ostriches...or go fishing for ostriches!! :-)

They had deer and goats.

Lorikeets, ducks, prairie dogs.  Lots to see and do!