Saturday, May 4, 2013

..::Payton is FOUR::..

Payton's birthday celebrations started out last Saturday.  After daddy got home from camping, Payton and I set out on a mommy/daughter date.  Payton had requested to go to Build-A-Bear for her present from mommy and daddy, just like Alexa had back in November.
She had a lot of fun building her bunny!

Then she requested Chik-fil-A for dinner. 

On her actual birthday, she woke up to presents!

She kept asking why it wasn't decorated and I had to keep reminding her that all of the decorations would be put up before her party (which was today).  She had to wait for the cake too...poor little duffer!  But we compromised with white powdered donuts on her actual birthday!

The next morning, our favorite worker at the gym, Maria, gave her a present.  She was feeling a bit under the weather when I went back to pick the kids up after working out, so she waited until we got home to open her present.  Can I just say how much we LOVE Maria!  She is so good with my kiddos and has been super sweet to them.  She didn't have to get Barrett and Payton birthday presents, but she did and it was so super and thoughtful of her!

Finally, the day of her party arrived!
She requested a Sleeping Beauty party.
Here she is, the birthday girl...AKA Princess Aurora!!

The entire party consisted of a Sleeping Beauty themed scavenger hunt.
We started off by reading a letter from Sleeping Beauty herself.

She also gave some instructions:
There will be 7 clues on our journey to find Prince Phillip's kiss
There will be games and activities on the way
All princesses must stay together
Each clue will be read and everyone will work together to guess the
Disney Princess and uncover the clue
Take your baskets to gather your goodies along the way

First Clue:

When I need to rest my head

I look for a pillow so fancy

When one could not be found, instead

We made one for her happily.

Name the princess: Sleeping Beauty

What are we doing: Decorating pillow cases with fabric markers

She wasn't really wanting a picture with mommy!  At least I got a little bit of a smile!


Second Clue:

With the jewels all shiny and bright,

I will be ready for the big night

We will make one of these for our head

The Fairy Godmother loves these, she said.

Name the Princess: Cinderella

What are we making: little tiaras decorated with stickers

Third Clue:

Now that the crowns are complete,

We are ready for a real treat.

Off with Aladdin we run,

To find the Magic Carpet of fun.

Stories await us when we’ve arrived

And make-up will be applied.

Name the Princess: Jasmine

What are we doing: go to the playroom and read Sleeping Beauty while the girls put on lip gloss.

Fourth Clue:

We have found Jasmine, Cinderella and Aurora

We wonder what now lays before us.

With so much fun to be had,

You are sure to be glad,

To solve a ‘puzzle’ with the Beast’s love and her friends.

Name the Princess: Belle

What are we doing? Divide the girls into two groups to put together a princess puzzle from the Dollar Store.

Fifth Clue:

Solving puzzles with Belle was quite stellar

Next we will dabble with some color

This Princess with her long hair loves to paint,

And hits Flynn Ryder so hard that he faints.

Name the Princess: Rapunzel         

What are we doing? Coloring a princess picture.

Sixth Clue:

This Princess must kiss Naveen,

The only problem is that he is green.

Lay a smacker on his lips,

And there won’t be any tricks,

A Prince you will have at last.

Name the Princess: Tiana

What are we doing? Play pin the kiss on the frog

Seventh Clue:

Tired and ready for a treat,

There is cake and ice cream that is ready to eat.

Let’s have some right now

And find Phillip’s kiss somehow.

When our tummies are no longer grumbling.
I forgot to take a picture of the girls finding the little bags of kisses hidden under the kitchen table.
We moved onto cake quite quickly!!

I'm pretty proud of myself with how this cake turned out!!

My friend, Gretchen, insisted on me getting a picture with the cake...
too bad it was AFTER we cut into it!!!

And then there were presents!
What a lucky little lady with such special and generous friends!

Thank you to all the little princesses who made Payton's day so special!

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea...we love you to pieces!!