Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sick Little Girl

Miss Payton got really sick this week.  The above picture was taken yesterday.  It happened to be mine and Kevin's 9th Anniversary...good thing we went out for dinner and to the temple last weekend to celebrate.  Because I was taking care of one sick little lady on the actual day!
She was puking and her fever got up to 104.4 so I called the pediatrician today and they told me to take her to the Children's Hospital.  We were worried it might be appendicitis because she kept complaining that her tummy hurt and she even screamed out in pain a couple times when I was trying to help her move to go to the bathroom.
So off to the hospital we went.
They hooked her up to an IV to get some fluids in her and to draw some blood.
They wanted to insert a catheter to get a urine sample...but I vetoed that and told them she could pee in a cup!  Can you imagine how traumatized she would have been?  This is the little girl who I had to hold down kicking and screaming last week to get her immunizations.  And we were successful in peeing in a cup!  Yay!!!!
Then she had an ultrasound done.
Turns out she has a REALLY  bad UTI (urinary tract infection)...that was starting into her kidneys.
OF COURSE she was in pain!!
They gave her some IV medication and then sent us home with a prescription.
Here's hoping we see some improvement soon because she's been sooo sick all week and it breaks my heart to see any of my kiddos like this!  Plus, she JUST got over strep (both she and Barrett had it the week of her birthday), so the poor thing needs a break!