Saturday, September 20, 2008

22 Months Old!

Our baby girl is 22 months old today! Life is so fun with her in it...never a dull moment in our household. I've slacked off on keeping track of what new words she's saying, but she pretty much will copy anything we say now. Needless to say, we're having to watch our words more carefully so our little parrot doesn't learn the wrong things!! :-)
(As a side note, I was going on day 3 without washing my hair due to not having any power and not wanting to take yet another COLD shower...thus the scarf!! Who knew being without power could be so..."interesting"????!!!)


Amanda and Kirk said...

She's growing up right before our eyes but she is so darn cute and gets cuter every day! Your new background looks great!

Christy said...

seriously, alexa is the cutest little thing. i'm loving her pig tails. question, exactly what words don't you want her to learn ?!? LOL