Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blackout Louisville!! after 8 days and 7 hours (no, not counting at all!!!), we finally have power/electricity (aka life-sustaining juice) back on again!! A week ago, just as we were leaving church at 1pm, a nasty wind storm (I've heard the winds were equivalent to those of a category 1 hurricane) blew through Louisville. Honestly, when we moved to Kentucky, tornadoes were to be expected...but now we've had an earthquake AND a hurricane...what's next??? Anyways, the power went out during the storm and it was a VERY long week waiting and wondering if/when/how/would it ever??? come back on??!!! 70% of the city was without power and each day more and more got theirs back but not us!!! Try keeping an almost 2 year old entertained when there is no power. Actually, Alexa came through probably better than Kevin or myself. She didn't really seem to notice anything was different. Other than the first day when she wanted to watch Spongebob and I told her the TV was broken, she didn't really care. Kevin and I, however, got pretty tired of reading by the light of a flashlight every night!!
Here are a few pictures of the damage from the storm in our neighborhood. They are self-explanatory as to why we were without power!! These are all within yards of our apartment complex!

And here's Alexa on Monday morning, helping me clean up the leaves and debris that was left on our balcony.

We're just very grateful for friends who helped us out with places to put our food so it wouldn't spoil, places to do laundry, places to take hot showers, places to charge our cell phone, and just places to hang out and pass the time. Despite the inconvenience, we were very blessed and had a lot of help and a lot of offers of help. Thank you to everyone!!


ollie said...

Yeah, so I've been laughing when people have been saying after this long blackout "I've learned that TV and the internet are NOT necessities!" I can't help but want to yell "But I NEED them!!!!" lol! I'm so glad you guys finally got your power back. Things could have been worse, but this sure wasn't fun at ALL!

Krista said...

Wow C,
I amsurprised at the amount of damage you got! Man I am glad you are all ok.
Hang in there!

hidho13 said...

That seriously is so crazy. My parents said they got the same thing in Columbus. Although we miss you guys, I'm not really sorry I missed out on that one!!

Kade and Emily said...

I found out that I really really really did NOT miss the tv. I could definately be one of those weird families without a television.
Oh, and I love the "scarf 'do." I'll have to try that one next time we lose power for a week. ;)

Christy said...

OMG, i know this is late but SCARY ! i can't believe all the damage. that would be so hard to be without power for that long. So glad your all OKAY !