Monday, September 22, 2008

Balle on the Belle!

On Saturday, we attended Ball on the Belle, a shindig put on by the dental school each year. Well, it's supposed to be on the Belle of Louisville every other year so this was our year. The Belle is Louisville's big steamboat that goes up and down the Ohio River. I've been wanting to go on ever since we moved here so I finally got my chance. AND we got to dress up!! It was touch and go for awhile as to whether or not we were actually going to be able to attend...since we were without power ALL last week, but it worked out and we had a great time.
Here's everyone getting ready to load onto the boat.
And here's my honey!
The big group of us!
Thanks to the Romreill's, we had entertainment to pass the time since none of us were really into cuttin' the rug out on the dance floor!
And here's the view from the Belle as we're heading back into downtown.
It was a fun night, I'm glad we were able to go. Thanks Brinn for supplying me with some of the pictures since my camera was practically dead that night and I had no way to charge it!!! Yay, for power!