Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Another tradition we have, which just started last year, is trick-r-treating down Hillcrest Avenue here in Louisville. It's right in our neighborhood, which makes it convenient, and just about everyone on the block goes ALL out for Halloween. It's a tourist attraction for the whole month of October. And it's so fun to see all the decorations. We go rather early as to avoid the crowds, in fact this year we left our house at 5:30 and timed it just right! Alexa loved to "tick teet" and she'd say "peez" and "tane too" at every house.
It was pretty cute. Alexa's chicken costume was a hit, even landing an inside appearance at one of the houses so the 84 year old grandmother could get a look at her!
We even met up with a couple other chickens!! We had a great night. Halloween sure is more fun with kids...and thanks to Alexa, we scored some good candy!! :-)


Krista said...

How fun it is to be a mom, eh! You and alexa are always so cute! She is allowed to on the other hand make me sick :P I am hardly ever cute on outings.

Piepgrass said... look greeaat! And what a fun street! katrina would be in heaven!!!