Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Preparations

I LOVE Christmas!! And so I wanted to decorate for Christmas last Sunday, right after Alexa's birthday, but Kevin made me wait until today, the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Well, Alexa started the day out just maxin' and relaxin'. She's pretty good at it, actually!!
I was really excited to decorate this year because we didn't even put up a tree last year. We put up all the other decorations, but with Alexa being 13 months old last year (translation: getting into EVERYTHING!!!)...AND us going to Arizona for the holidays, we just decided the tree would be better off left in the box. BUT THIS YEAR, I wanted her to help us. I want this to be a fun family tradition for years to come. So we dug out the decorations and the tree and got to work!
She was so enthralled with the much so that she kept trying to eat them!!
Kevin really was involved, besides taking the pictures. I sat on the floor and hooked on the ornament tree hooks and handed them to my sweet husband who then decorated the tree. It's a bit of a Charlie Brown tree...but I'm not going to complain, I got it at Walgreens during the after Christmas sales last year for $5!!! And it's prelit...I will NEVER go back to stringing my own lights on a tree! But despite it's Charlie Brown tendencies...we love it and Alexa thinks it's pretty! We're so excited for the holidays this year and are so grateful for this time of year when we can really focus on the birth of our Lord and Savior.