Friday, December 5, 2008

Ward Christmas Party - The Polar Express

Tonight was the Christmas party at our church. It was a Polar Express theme and it was a lot of fun. Thanks to Erin and her family for all their hard work! You really did an amazing job!
Alexa was so excited to go to a party. She even got to wear her pajamas which is top notch in her books! She would live in her pj's 24/7 if I let her!! All afternoon, she kept asking about the party and if "Nay-Nay" would be there. As you know, she loves her friend, Nathan Ice, and as soon as he got there, she no longer cared about the food or anything else. She just wanted to run up and down the center of the room, chasing after this cute little boy.
And at the end, she even got a little surprise from Santa.
Thanks again Erin for planning such a fun night!
And here's a cute pic that Erin took...thanks Erin!!


Kade and Emily said...

Wasn't that a fun party?? We had a good time, too.
I still can't get over how much Alexa reminds me of Maryn. It's those pig tails! I love 'em!