Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our crazy girl...

Here are just some random photos over the last couple weeks. I admit that I've been really bad at taking pictures lately...but at least there are a couple.
Alexa attached the ice cream bucket around her neck and was having a blast using it as her drum.
On Valentine's Day, we gave Alexa a little gift bag with some Strawberry shortcake magnets, some bracelets, and some purple chapstick...and as you can see...she LOVES the purple chapstick. For the first couple days, it didn't leave her hands and lips.
This morning, Alexa woke up and wanted to get dressed right away (a rarity for her!!)...then came downstairs and claimed to be "sick" so she could get some apple juice. But apparently her outfit wasn't complete without some hot pink shades. And this was all before the sun even came up!!
It has become quite the battle to do Alexa's hair lately. She just prefers it au natural! And even if I manage to get it done for when we have to leave the house, as soon as nap time rolls around her piggy's have to come out!