Friday, April 3, 2009

Baby Bump Update - 9 Months

36 Weeks!!
Wow, my belly has grown A LOT since my last baby bump update!!! Here we are at 36 weeks and I am sooooo ready to have this baby. I've still got a lot to do around the house, but physically, my body is done. I vacuumed the living room 2 days ago and my back has been killing me since. I feel like I can't accomplish anything without being put out of commission for a couple days and that frustrates me. I feel like I should be doing more and when I can't, I get upset. I know it's all pregnancy related and that I'll have a sweet baby to show for all the aches and pains, but really...she could come anytime!!
I wanted to record a few of the things I have loved this pregnancy...a nice juicy hamburger (mmmmm...and it's dinner time, I might have to do something about that!!), orange juice (so weird since I've never been an OJ drinker but just can't seem to get enough of it these days), candy (I've always had a sweet tooth but usually preferred chocolate and/or ice cream over candy...but give me some Swedish fish or sour patch kids and I'm good to go!!), yummy bread - just to name a few. Man, that's not a healthy list...why can't I be one of those women who craves fruit and veggies???? Guess that's why the belly has grown exponentially in the past few weeks!! :-)

Alexa has been such a big helper today. We got out the baby swing, the infant carseat and the bassinet and she wanted to "check it out". That's her new saying. She has to check everything out. She even put her baby doll in the swing to start practicing being the big sister. Here she is just being her cute self...oh and since I was taking a picture of my belly...she had to have one of her belly too!
We're getting ready to have a "no more crib - time for a big girl bed" party tonight, complete with cake and everything. We're taking down the crib and forcing Alexa to sleep in the toddler bed. Are we mean??? I just don't see any other way to get her to make the transition...the bed has been set up for 2 1/2 months now and she's shown NO interest in sleeping in it. She just loves her crib too much. But with Baby Payton ready to make an appearance in just a few short weeks...we really need to just cut her off so that she doesn't resent her little sister too much when we set it back up for the baby. I like to think of it more as tough love! She's a creature of habit and so I know it'll be rough for a few nights, but then she'll take to it like she did to potty training and life will be grand once again. Wish us luck!!
***Big Girl Bed's now 9:10pm and Alexa has been in bed for almost an hour now without a peep!! She didn't even fight us taking down the crib...she just jumped right in, grabbing some of daddy's tools so she could "help". Then we had cake and made a BIG deal of her not needing the crib anymore. Once jammies were on and it was time to actually get IN bed, she resisted a little bit, but after a couple songs and mommy rubbing her belly for a few minutes, she was good to go and I haven't heard anything from her since!! Here's to hoping this is how the entire night goes.....!!!


Ashley said...

You look GREAT!!!! Really you do!!

{Amanda G} said...

So cute that Alexa wanted to show her tummy! It's almost done. I mean the pregnancy. The fun has not yet begun! Hope you are having a good day today! I haven't finished your blog header yet, but soon though!

The Wilkes said...

Looking good....ah you wimped out and had someone else create your blog header. So disappointed. JK!

cassie said...

you look so cute!!!!!! oh you are almost there (course pretty sure this is the worst part b/c you know you are so close). how exciting that your little alexa is doing so well at sleeping in a big girl bed.