Saturday, May 23, 2009

Strawberry Festival

This morning, we ventured to the Strawberry Festival in Starlight, Indiana. We've been wanting to go for a couple years now as it's right by Huber Farms where we go pumpkin picking every year, but just haven't made it...until now. Thankfully, my friend Amanda reminded me about it, otherwise we would have missed out yet again this year! Anyways, it was fun to get outside on a beautiful day and enjoy a nice, BIG portion of strawberry shortcake. I unfortunately did not take a picture of said huge portion...but for $3.50, you could build your own strawberry shortcake and pile on as many strawberries as you wanted, topped by as much whipped cream as your little heart desired. It was oh so delicious!!

Alexa & Daddy

Going Up...
and coming down!

Our little family of four!


{Amanda G} said...

It was so much fun! Too bad I missed capturing all the memories with my camera at home. Oh well! I am glad you all came to enjoy the little festival. It's lots of fun!