Friday, October 30, 2009


We had our Trunk'r'Treat at our church tonight. Alexa wanted to wear a "princess dress" this morning when we went to the Y and I knew she wouldn't want to change into her ladybug costume for the party. So...I quickly fashioned a crown out of cardboard and tinfoil and voila...we had ourselves a princess. Once upon a time we had an actual cute little crown...but it met its maker not too long ago...thus the homemade version!!! Alexa didn't seem to mind. She really loves this whole candy thing...we're going to have to ration it after Halloween tomorrow!
Anyways, we had a great time.
And the best part...
Bishop Lee got Kevin to wear this fabulous wig for their part of the trunk'r'treat. Not exactly sure what they were supposed to be...but I laughed pretty hard when I saw this picture, so I had to share!! I love you babe, this is a great look on you!! :-)