Sunday, April 11, 2010


Oh how we love this warmer weather! We took advantage of the beautiful day and headed outside after church today. Both Alexa and Payton were in heaven.
I thought I got some pictures of Kevin with the girls but apparently least I got one of me, that usually never happens!!
And then I had to do a little photo shoot of my sweet Payton. My friend, Amanda, gave us this beautiful dress and I just had to get some pictures of Payton in it!
We also love the warmer weather so we can strip down to our skivvies!!!
Payton was seriously loving her newfound freedom from clothes! Haha...she's such a ham!
What a fun, beautiful, sun-shiny day!!


Anderson Family said...

Well you'll have plenty of warmth real soon & we can't wait. Especially to meet that chubby cutie, Payton!

Sam said...

Looks like you are training a little Sumo wrestler.

jenny said...

looks like sooooo. . . much cuteness to this gramma!!!!!