Thursday, April 1, 2010

What a difference...

...almost 2 years makes! Our little lady is really growing up! Yet, swinging is still one of her favorite things to do! We went to Alexa's friend Brielle's 4th birthday party today...I so cannot believe Brielle is FOUR. When her sweet family moved here 4 years ago, she was barely 3 months old and we all were JUST starting dental school (her daddy goes to school with Alexa's daddy) and now look where we are!
July 4, 2008
and April 1, 2010


jenny said...

hi sweet alexa - you are a girl after your gramma's heart - my favorite thing to do is to be on a swing too!! Well maybe one of my favorite things -- I love visitng my cute grand daughter way too oooo.... much!!!!