Monday, May 3, 2010


Alexa & Nathan

These two....oh these two!! Today was our last hurrah with little man Nathan! We've had a tradition of going to the McDonald's Playplace with him for quite some time now and they're headed out of town Arizona of all places, for our last week here in Louisville. :-( So this is the last time for Alexa and Natey to play prior to us moving. Thankfully though, his mama is from Arizona and they still have ties in Arizona so we'll hopefully see them again soon! These two have been friends for what seems like forever...Nathan's mama brought me dinner when Alexa was born, that's the first time we met, and we started hanging out shortly after since our babies were only a few months apart in age. And now we have babies only 3 months apart too...we're sure gonna miss you Rachael, Nathan and Sammy!!