Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[Getting Organized]

So here's a sneak peak at what we've gotten accomplished so far...The girls' playroom. Eventually, I'd like more shelving and bins to get it much more organized than you see, but that'll come! In the meantime, it's SOOOO nice having a separate space for all their toys!
The downstairs powder room. Not much going on here. It's actually quite spacious, across from the toilet, there's still quite a bit of room so one day I'll put in some more storage in there. Maybe a cute cabinet to hold all the extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies or something!
This is Payton's room. Not a lot going on in here...so far just the curtains! And thanks to Gramma Jenny for Payton's birthday present (the curtains), I think they turned out cute. We haven't even set up Payton's crib yet as we need to get a twin bed for Alexa before we can put the crib/toddler mattress back in the crib since we were borrowing one from a friend in Louisville and had to give it back. So once we can get Alexa's twin bed, then poor Miss Payton will get her bed back too!! And then maybe I'll be motivated enough to put up pictures and shelves in her room!
The upstairs guest bathroom. It's also the girls' bathroom and Alexa LOVES that there's two sinks, one for her and one for Payton!
And Alexa's room. We painted it pink (thanks Mom!!!) on top, the cute wainscoting was already there. Hopefully soon we'll be able to get her a twin bed and I want to paint the pink letters in her name white so they stand out more.
That's about it so far. I've got more pics of the fun projects we've been doing so stay tuned!!