Saturday, May 15, 2010

.::Move-IN Day::.

It's OFFICIAL....we're homeowners!!!
We have our keys and we've moved in! Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the actual move INTO the house...kinda like how I forgot to take pictures of the move OUT of our apartment in Louisville. I've been a lil' preoccupied lately!!! :-) But here we are just before we headed over to our new house yesterday.
The last couple days have been say the least. Travelling across the country with two little ones, dealing with a 3 hour time change, not being in our own element or having our own things around, not having daddy around...all these things have taken their toll! I really couldn't be a single parent! But we're all back together now and we're in our new house. We've got a lot of unpacking and organizing to do...but at least we can get back to some sort of routine and schedule!
Oh and by the way...I LOVE my house!! :-)
More pictures to come of the fun little things we've been up to!