Saturday, June 5, 2010

~Mt. Lemmon~

Today, we ventured up to Mt. Lemmon for a picnic with Kevin's brother's family. Duane & Emily, and their two kiddos, moved to Tucson in January, so we're pretty excited to be so close and get to spend time with family. The unique thing about Mt. Lemmon is that it has 3 entirely different ecosystems on it. You start out at the bottom (at 2000 ft above sea level) where there are cactus all around, then you pass oak trees as you climb the 5000 feet to the top (7000 ft above sea level), where there are pine trees. It took us 20 minutes to drive to the top and we got to see all 3 - cactus, oak trees and pine trees. Pretty crazy. Mt. Lemmon even gets snow on it during the winter.
Anyways, we finally found a picnic spot...although we were a little worried as it seemed everyone else had the same idea.
Daddy & Payton enjoying the pine trees.
Cousins: Alexa & Ainsley.
We had fun doing a little photoshoot!
Then I tried to get a picture with her and this is all I could get...
She finally conceded and said we could take a picture of our shadows! Silly girl.
Needless to say, she wasn't having anything to do with a family here's us without Alexa!
Once she was on her daddy's shoulders though to make the trek back to the car, all was good so she allowed one picture!
We had a fun day and look forward to many more outings with family and friends!


jenny said...

i wanna go there!!!