Monday, November 1, 2010

[Payton: 18 Months]

On October 29th, Miss Payton turned 18 Months Old! The most exciting thing about this is that she is now old enough for NURSERY at church!!!! Yay!!! It's been a long time since I did a Payton update, not since she was 13 months a LOT has changed. No longer is she a barely walking baby, but a full-fledged, running-all-over-the-place, talking toddler!
We had her 18 Month Well Check and here are her current stats:
25.4 lbs (64th percentile)
33 1/2 inches (90th percentile -
WHOA, where did that come from???)
Head: 47.5 cm (97th percentile)
Some things that have happened in the past 5 months:
*She had an urgent care and ER visit on 6/1/10 due to stomach issues
*She cut her first molar (left top) 7/22/10
*Started telling me she needed a diaper change by pointed to her bum 7/22/10
*Had her 15 Month Well Check 7/29/10: 23 lbs, 31 inches
*Her 2 bottom molars came through 9/4/10
*Her top right molar popped through 9/8/10
*Her bottom right lateral tooth finally came through 9/29/10
She has started talking pretty much all the time. She's really in "parrot" mode right now, copying just about anything and everything we say. Most of it we can understand, or rather I can understand since I'm the one around her the majority of the time...but we do communicate rather effectively now, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! Payton has just really grown up these past few months. She loves to torment her big sister and chase her around. They love to have races with their strollers and it's so much fun to see them playing together more and more.
I sure love my sweet girls!
On an Alexa note...the above picture was taken on October 24th, the day of Alexa's first Primary Program at church. She was sooooo excited to be a part of it and wasn't nervous at all. We'd practiced her little part and she had it memorized and just loved to be up there with all the other primary kids singing and saying their parts. It was so fun to sit back and watch her looking like such a big girl!


Becky said...

Payton is so big now! She looks like a little girl not a baby. CUTE girls!!!

jenny said...

ok - gramma really needs this picture - They are without doubt, the most adorable little girls in the whole big wide world - its just not fair that gramma is not close enough to hug them tight!! Make sure you give them big hugs just from gramma jenny!!!They are both jsut growing wayyyyy tooo fast!!!