Wednesday, January 26, 2011

-A Day At The Zoo-

Can I just say how much I LOVE living in Arizona, especially during the winter months???!!! For reals, you wouldn't be able to head to the zoo in January in Canada, at least not without 50 extra layers on!! And even in Kentucky, days at the zoo are few and far between in January. But here, oh lovely Arizona, we can go pretty much anytime we want! We definitely get more out of our zoo membership living somewhere where it is warm all year round!
So this morning, we headed to the zoo with our good friends, the Cooks. Our kids are almost exactly the same ages and it's just so much fun to hang out with them. We had a good time checkin' out all the zoo animals, even sneaked a peek at the new male lion who came to the zoo not too long ago. And then we headed to the park across the street for a picnic lunch and some play time before heading home! What a fun morning!!


Camille said...

amen to living in AZ. not sure if i am ready for hott yet but this winter has been lovely! Glad you had fun at the ol zoo!!