Tuesday, January 18, 2011

~Weekend Getaway~

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to get away all. by. myself. for four days. The only other times I've spent away from my girls was when I was VERY pregnant with Payton and went on a girls' overnight trip...I think I was gone a total of 18 hours, 12 of those Alexa spent sleeping!! And the other time was last March when Kevin and I flew out here to Arizona to buy a house and we left the girls with our wonderful friends in KY...but it was such a busy, hectic house-buying trip, that it wasn't relaxing at all!! And with baby #3 ready to make his appearance in just a few short months, I was feeling the need to have a break to fill up my energy and sanity tanks before I take on being a mommy to THREE kiddos!! And boy was it wonderful! Traveling without kids is soooooooooooo much more stress free and sleeping, wow...I was actually able to sleep uninterrupted! It was fabulous! It didn't matter that my wonderful friend that I stayed with has 3 kids of her own...they weren't my responsibility and so I just thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was able to go back to Louisville and see some great friends and eat at some of my favorite places and just relax. And to top off an already wonderful getaway, my beautiful friends, Rachael & Waveney, planned a baby shower for me while I was there. I am one lucky lady to have been blessed with some very dear friends! I had a great time and this little guy inside me got spoiled! I am getting so excited to meet him!!! So thank you to ALL my fabulous friends back in Kentucky...I miss you and am so grateful for each of you!


Camille said...

so stinkin fun!! Im glad your back though! I went on a trip by myself to visit my mom before R was born and it was heaven sent. It was hard to get back in mom mode though.