Saturday, January 1, 2011


2011...WOW, can you believe it???
Kevin and I had seriously waited for sooooo long for 2010 to get here, that it's hard to believe that it's now come and gone! We're very much looking forward to what 2011 brings us, especially this baby boy, but we're still having a hard time believing that 2010 is over. We had a great New Year's Eve though...we totally celebrated in style!! :-) Our fabulous friends, the Gardeas, invited us out for an evening of bowling and pizza! It was Alexa's first time bowling, in fact, it was the first time Kevin and I had gone bowling together it was a night of firsts!! And we had a blast. How could you not? Wonderful friends, a fun activity, cute silly kiddos, sub-par's the perfect formula for it!! :-) Then we came home, put those cute kiddos to bed, watched the ball drop in Time Square two hours before the midnight hour hit our time zone and headed to bed!!! We're. That. Cool. Or I'm just. that. pregnant. Maybe a combination of the two...but I just couldn't stay awake.
Happy New Year everyone...we hope 2011 is full of wonderfulness and fabulousness for you all!!


Camille said...

You got some great pics! I really need to blog....