Saturday, January 1, 2011

{A Little Project}

Way back in October, I bought this cute little dresser at a yard sale for a whoppin' $5!! It was already stripped and sanded...what a deal! The intent was for it to be Payton's dresser, however, I never got around to doing anything with it. It's just been sitting in the garage, all lonely, for the last 3 months. So I finally had Kevin do something about it!! :-)
And now, it'll go in Payton's room but I'm not even sure I'll put any of her stuff in it...I might just leave it empty and then move it into baby boy's room once the time comes!!
I'm quite pleased with the outcome!!
Thanks babe for taking care of my project for me...
and Alexa too, she was a big help to her daddy!!


Camille said...

LOVE IT! You need to teach me to do projects!