Friday, February 25, 2011

~A New 'Do & Party Time~

Alexa has been asking for months to have her hair cut short like mine. This isn't really a huge deal to me as I've cut her hair before, several times in fact, but they've usually been just minor trims, the most being maybe 2-3 inches. But I finally gave in and gave her a good cut. I think we chopped off about 4-5 inches. I should have combed her hair straight in the 'before' picture so you could see how much of a difference it really was. And after her hair curled up on it's own, it looks even shorter! She's adorable any way she wants her hair...and I have to say that I was flattered that she wanted to be like mommy!!
Here are our two cute little love bugs posing after the hair cut!
Later, we got to show off Alexa's new 'do at her cousin, Ainsley's, birthday party! We enjoyed a fun night at Peter Piper Pizza celebrating Ainsley's 5th Birthday!


jenny said...

Gramma luvs your new hair do, Alexa!!! See you soon!!!