Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Old" Friends!!

Today we had the pleasure of having Spencer and Jenny Aston come visit us from Phoenix. Spence is an old mission buddy of Kevin's that we have had so much fun with over the years since they both got home from their missions. And Jenny, his sweet wife, just fit perfectly into the mix when they got married about 3 years after us. They are expecting their first baby in June, a little girl, and so I bribed them with a TON of girl clothes if they would finally come visit us (we haven't seen them since we moved back!!). Anyways, it worked...and not only did we get to spend a fun day with them, I got a little more organized by going through all my girl stuff that both girls had grown out of and I gave it away!! I have so much more storage space now and I feel so liberated!! :-)
It is Spence's birthday on Monday and so we made brownies and Alexa wanted to sing Happy Birthday to him. The girls fell in love with both Spence and Jenny right as soon as they showed up and wouldn't let them out of their sights. It was pretty cute...even Payton, who can be a little standoffish until she gets to know someone, was sitting on Jenny's lap within minutes of their arrival. We sure hope to see more of the Astons and can't wait to meet their baby girl!


Aston Family said...

We had a GREAT time with you guys! We love love love your girls! Makes us sooooo excited to have our own lil girl! We will def come visit more often! Hahhaha we appreciate the clothes!!! The bribe was well worth it and we were happy to take the clothes out of your hair!! Lets plan something soon! Can't wait for baby BOY to arrive!!!