Wednesday, April 20, 2011

..::Barrett's Birth Story::..

Here it is...Barrett's story, together with a plethora of pictures for all to enjoy!
Last week, my doctor scheduled me for an induction on April 18, 2011, due to me measuring so far ahead for the past couple months of my pregnancy. I was only too willing to be induced a week early as I was already quite nervous about having a huge baby! So I was advised to call the hospital at 5:30am on Monday morning to see if they were ready for me to come for my scheduled induction at 7:30am. AND THEY WERE!!!! Yay....we got ready and off we went! I was in my room by 8am and hooked up to pitocin by 8:30ish. My nurse said I was already contracting on a pretty regular basis which surprised me because I wasn't in any pain. I was still at about 4cm dilated and just felt some random tightening and things stayed this way for a couple hours (with Alexa at 4cm, I was crying through the contractions and with Payton, I already had my epidural!!). Then my doctor broke my water around 11:30 and the very next contraction had some kick to it! I tried to be brave for about 3 or 4 contractions until they were already getting too intense and so we summoned our nurse and asked for my epidural STAT!!!
Things got much better after that and I actually progressed quite quickly but we waited around for a bit until my doctor was available. As soon as she came in and checked me, she said I was good to go and after about 15 minutes of pushing...
...this sweet bundle of joy entered this world!
Barrett Michael Mortenson
9lbs 15 oz, 21 inches
April 18, 2011 at 5:10pm
Here is my wonderful doctor, Dr. Amy Schneider, who delivered Barrett!
What a proud new daddy!
Since it was already dinner time when Barrett was born, Kevin quickly went home to get the girls and my mom to come meet him before it was bedtime for the girls.
Here's Big Sister Alexa. She was soooooo excited to meet her new baby brother!
And Big Sister Payton, who wasn't so sure about all this!
But once the girls opened their gifts from Barrett, Payton was all smiles!!
Then Gramma Jenny got to hold him for the first time!
Our sweet kids!
I can't believe we have THREE now!
And our new little family of five!
We had a wonderful nurse who was there for me every step of the way! (I need to go back and consult Barrett's journal that I keep for him though as I can't remember her name for the life of me!!)
Baby Barrett's first was kinda cool to be in the room when this happened as they took the girls away to have this done when I had them.
Me and my sweet little man! He is soooooo worth the long, painful 9 months it took to get him here!
Finally, he's snug as a bug in a rug!
The next day, my mom brought the girls back to see Barrett again! Payton was much more eager this time to see and hold him! Kevin brought me some beautiful flowers and the girls made me a cute card!
We couldn't bring home our new little man home without putting something UofA on him!
All ready to get in his carseat for the first time and leave the hospital!
We are so blessed! Barrett arrived safe and sound and he's healthy as can be! And we have two beautiful girls who bring us so much joy. I am so grateful for these sweet spirits my Heavenly Father has entrusted me to take care of in this life!
We were welcomed home by Alexa who had been busy with Gramma making us a chalk sign on the driveway. I loved it...she had done the same thing with Gramma when Payton was born too!
All tuckered out and ready to begin his life! We love you Barrett and are so grateful you are a part of our family!


Emily said...

I LOVE reading birth stories! He's adorable. I love kissable baby cheeks!

So fun. I'm happy for you!

Camille said...

So many cute posts i cannot comment on ALL of them! Love the prego collage. And so glad sweet baby boy barrett made it here safe and sound!! Payton and Alexa crack me up!!

Krista said...

He is a big boy! Oh, but how adorable he is!!! Those big pouty lips! Good job mommy! Now to get through the next 18 years...hehe.