Friday, April 22, 2011

=Happy Birthday Kevin=

Initially, we planned on celebrating Kevin's birthday this coming Sunday and combining it with our Easter celebrations, as I did JUST have a baby earlier this week and wasn't quite feeling up to making a cake and everything. AND...we had one of Kevin's assistants coming over this afternoon to take newborn pictures of Barrett, so it was a busy day anyways. But then we decided last minute to go out to eat at this little Mexican place not far from our house. Payton LOVED the salsa and has to be a big girl every where we go more sitting in highchairs for her!
I just LOVE this picture of her, salsa drippings and all!
Barrett slept through the whole thing...
Alexa and Gramma!
Then we went home and dove into the Eclair Cake I had tutored my mom on making this morning as it's one of Kev's faves! I needed to do something on his actual birthday!!
This is the cake I made for Kevin's official birthday was deeeeelish!! And yes, I AM tooting my own horn!! :-)
Happy Birthday babe! Thank you for all you do for our family! The girls adore you, Barrett will idolize you and I'm madly in love with you...what more could you ask for (besides your Arizona Football Season tickets??!!)??!! :-)