Sunday, December 25, 2011

{Christmas 2011}

We had a much lower-key Christmas this year thanks to the stomach bug hitting our house Friday night after getting home from seeing the lights at Winterhaven. Poor Payton was hit the hardest, followed by Alexa. Kevin and I both felt a little nauseous most of the day yesterday but thankfully Barrett seems unaffected at this point!!
In light of dealing with the pukeys, we didn't do our annual visit to the Desert Museum yesterday. :-( We stayed close to home and I kept my washing machine going constantly for almost 24 hours straight just to catch up with cleaning all the puked on clothes and bedding!! I know, you can't contain your jealousy! :-)
Anyways, the girls were feeling pretty good by the afternoon on Christmas Eve...looks like it was just a 12-hour kind of bug! Phew!! Being sick didn't take away any of the excitement of Christmas...they couldn't wait to open up their Christmas pj's.
Oh. My. Cuteness.
We (Kevin and I) managed to stay up late enough to find that Santa had snuck in without us knowing!!
He even left a note for the girls....they LOVED it!!
Christmas Morning....and ready to see what Santa brought them!
Opening their stockings...
Checking out the goods that Santa brought them in their stockings.
Time for presents!
We even had Grandma and Grandpa Mortenson over for lunch today! The girls couldn't wait to show Gramma what Santa brought for them!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Anderson Family said...

I love Alexa's disgusted look at her wildcat gear. Maybe Kevin's brainwashing hasn't been 100%. As long as Barret goes along, I think he'll be fine.

CMortenson said...

Alana...that Arizona lunchbox was actually Kevin's gift and he has quite the excited look, as can be expected with him! and I'm pretty sure his brainwashing has been effective...for Alexa's birthday, she gotmoney from both grandparents and bought a necklace from teh bookstore that has an Arizona "A" on it!! :-)