Friday, December 30, 2011

Snow in Arizona

There are many fabulous reasons to live in Tucson...but one benefit for Kevin and the kids is that Tucson is located at the base of Mt. Lemmon and during the winter, Mt. Lemmon receives a fair bit of snow. I would be completely fine to never see snow again in my lifetime...heaven knows I've experienced my fair share of the fluffy white stuff. But Kevin and the kids think it's great to check it out once in awhile. Where they get these crazy ideas, I'll never know!! :-)
Anywho, so we headed up to Mt. Lemmon since we could still see white at the top of the mountain from our house and Alexa has been asking and asking (and asking) to go play in the snow. And then they played in it for all of about 10 minutes! Oh well, at least they got to experience it, and we did have a fun day as a family!


Anderson Family said...

We live literally at the base of Mt. Lemmon and I'm not a fan of a 10 minute play in the snow. Glad you got the pictures!