Wednesday, January 18, 2012

..::Barrett: 9 Months::..

NINE months!!! You know what that means?????.....only three months left of buying formula!!!
I'm not excited, so don't think I am!!! :-)
What's been goin' on this past month??
*started waving - December 20th
*got 2nd tooth (bottom right central) - December 24th
(he got his two front teeth just in time for Christmas!!)
*experienced his FIRST Christmas
*stands up in crib (which is now how we find him each time we go in to get him) - Dec 29th
*starts clapping his hands - January 6th (does this ALL the time now)
We have his 9 month checkup on Friday so I'll have to update his stats at that time. I'm guessing though that he's weighing in around 26 lbs!! I just cannot get enough of our little man. I seriously love. having. a. boy! LOVE it! I love my girls too, don't get me wrong....but there's just something different about having a boy, despite the obvious. :-) Maybe because after two girls it IS just that, different! Whatever it is, I just want to squeeze and smooch him all day long. He has a special hold on my heart and seriously can do no wrong in my eyes. I know I'm in trouble...he's going to be that crazy, tantrum-throwing 2 year old and I'll just say, it's okay, have whatever you want! Hahaha...okay, not REALLY, but that's how I feel at this point. He could ask me for a car for his 1st birthday and I'd buy him a real one. Lol...needless to say, I adore him! And what's even better, he absolutely, 100% adores his mama! I am sooooo the favorite. Even though, when daddy comes home from work, if he doesn't pick Barrett up within seconds, he's crying like we chopped his arm off...he still prefers mommy 99.9% of the time. :-) Oh goodness...I could go on and on (and on) about all the cute, adorable things about Bubba...but I'll spare you all!
Sufficeth to say, we all love him so much! He pretty much has each one of us (his sisters included) wrapped around his chubby little fingers!