Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Childhood Reminder

Do you remember Fun Dips? I sure do! I remember riding my brown, banana-seat bike from my house, down the road, to the little convenience store to spend my hard earned (or hard found) money on this sugary confection! There was something about dipping a stick of hard candy into colored sugary powder. And having my tongue and lips turn crazy much fun!
So fast forward almost 30 years and my kids happened to come across some of these Fun Dips! It sure took me back...especially seeing the absolute delight on their faces!
Today is Barrett's 9 month and since I always take his picture to document this milestone, the girls have gotten into the routine of wanting to get their picture taken too. I thought today's pictures were too cute not to share. I sure love these girls! (*said through clenched teeth as I sit listening to one said girl throw a complete fit as I write this!!)