Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mortenson Family Campout 2012

It's that time of year again...time to go camping! (MY personal favorite time of the sarcasm whatsoever!!!)  However, my sweet Mister LOVES camping, as do my kiddos, so it's a small sacrifice on my part!! :-)
Alexa and Barrett look ready to start our camp out, don't ya think??!!!
We went up to the Whitetail Campground on Mt. Lemmon this year and it was a great campsite.  Spots for 6 or 7 tents, a campfire area and a covered eating area, complete with electricity.  Oh and separate bathrooms for each campsite so we didn't have to share with any other families.  It was great!!

The kiddos had fun playing t-ball with Grampa!

They always love to spend time with Gramma and Grampa!

The "Triple A" cousins all born the same year (Alexa, Ainsley and Amelia)...such cute girls.

Can you believe they used to be THIS...???
(can you tell which one is Alexa??? oh my...I sure make squishy babies!!)

We had fun roasting marshmallows for s'mores.

But even more fun eating them!!! 

Barrett's favorite spot was the van...he wanted to play in it constantly!!

We went on a little bit of a hike the 2nd day...and Barrett even got to go, had the best seat in the house in fact!! 

The treacherous mountain terrain was worth these handsome Mister AND the landscape!! :-)

Alexa chose to stay back at camp to play with cousins so this is our family picture from the hike.

We realized while we were up there, that ALL of the Mortenson siblings made the trek...several cousins and spouses had stayed back at camp, but all of the actual siblings were there so it was definitely picture time!

This little guy just loved being outdoors...sure wish this picture had been in focus cuz he's one handsome little dude!  Man, I love this boy!!

And this little lady was beyond infatuated with her new baby cousin, McKinley.  She'd been dying to hold her the whole weekend and was so happy when she finally got the chance!!

Grampa and Gramma with all their grand kids...what a cute, lovable, crazy bunch!

Thanks to all who made this a great campout...looking forward to next year!!