Friday, August 3, 2012

New Shoes...and Curlers

In preparation for Kindergarten next week, Alexa and I went school shopping.  She needed new clothes and she especially needed new shoes.  She was so super excited about these new shoes, that she had me take a picture of them on as soon as we got home.  Best part...she learned to tie her shoes within minutes of having these babies on for the first time!  She's so ready for Kindergarten!! :-)
I also bought Barrett his first pair of rain would think the kid had died and gone to heaven.  He put them on and wouldn't take them off until bedtime!  I think he liked them!!

Payton had recently gotten a pair of cute, pink sandals the girls had to show them off together.  They are rockin' those new shoes!

Then last night, I did something that took me back to my childhood...I put foam curlers in my girls' hair.  I remember getting these same kind of curlers put in my hair EVERY Saturday night after a bath and then having THE curliest hair every Sunday.  But I also remember how uncomfortable they were so I was a little skeptical as to how the girls would handle them.

Well, Alexa was a trooper and went to sleep with them still in her hair, but Payton...she didn't make it 10 minutes before she was begging me to take them out.  Silly girl...can't say I blame her though! 
And here's my pretty girl this morning!!  I'm not sure if she'll ever let me do that again...but at least we did it once!