Thursday, July 26, 2012

Aspiring Artists

So I have this new fabulous friend, Gretchen...well, we've been friends for awhile now but anyways, she has 3 fabulous little girls who my girls just adore.  We met at the gym, turns out they are members of the Church too, our kids love to play together, we enjoy chatting while we're working out, and we enjoy hangin' out outside of the gym too.  It's wonderful.  Anywho, Gretchen is in the process of moving within the city, so I took her girls for the day so she could get things done without interruptions!
And after spending some time outside in the sprinklers, the girls decided to make some artwork...lots and lots of artwork.  They wanted to make an art gallery here they are displaying all their fabulous pieces!
Then I had to pick my favorite from each artist and they proudly displayed them!

What fun girls...sure love them, and their mama too!  I'm so grateful for wonderful friends!