Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Canada Trip: Part 5 - The Final Segment!

On Sunday, after the family reunion was over, we went to church in Cardston 1st Ward, the ward that I have the most attachment to from when we lived there, even though we were in Cardston 2nd Ward for the last bit before moving to Calgary.  It was fun to see a few familiar faces, especially my good friend, Leslie's parents.
After that, we drove back to Calgary to stay at my sister, Jenn's house for the last couple days of our trip.  Alexa and Payton LOVED hangin' out with their cousins!

On Monday, we went out to Stacey's new house in Airdrie for a quick visit.  It's weird for me to think that it wasn't all that long ago that Stacey and I were roommates, yet it seems like a lifetime ago all at the same time...and so much has changed.  But every time we see each other, it's like it always has been...I guess talking on the phone nearly every day helps with that.  :-)  I'm so grateful for the good friends I have been blessed with in my life!

And, once again, Bubba was a lil' tuckered out!

After visiting with Stacey, we headed to my niece, Nya's, birthday party.  The girls were sooooo excited to be able to go to that since they never get to attend their Canadian cousins' birthday parties!  And even though it was a rather chilly day for what us sun-lovin' Arizonans are used to...the girls jumped right into the lake and had a blast splashin' around with Gramma and their cousins!

Barrett was more than happy to just play in the sand!

And eat it too!


Grampa was showing them how to make funny faces of themselves on his Ipad.


Me and my mamacita!

Katrina and me with our mama!  Thanks Trina for letting us share in Nya's fun day!  And also for lettin' us bunk at your place our first couple nights in Canada!

Sisters...and mama!

The girls were soooo excited to get some fun Canadian things from Grampa!

Showing off their loot...don't let Alexa fool you, she really was excited about the presents from Gramps, she was just done with all the picture-taking! :-)

After Nya's party, we spent some time at my parents so the kiddos could just play since we were leaving the next day.  Auntie Beeta even came home and got in on the fun!

Then Auntie Beeta came back to Jenn's and got coerced into reading the girls bedtime stories...

...which ended like this!!  Hahaha...sorry Auntie Beeta!!

Our last day in Canada...the girls getting in some last playing time with their cousins!

Barrett didn't want to be left out!

Jenn and me with mamacita!  Thanks Jenn for having our crew disrupt your lives for a couple days.  We sure enjoyed ourselves!!

Gramma saying goodbye to Bubba!

Gramma and some of her cute grand kids!

Phewf....I think we made it to the end!  What a week we had.  Busy busy busy!  But a lot of fun. Thanks everyone for making our trip a great one.  We love you all and hope to see you again soon!