Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Canada Trip: Part 1

Our trip to Canada will have to be documented in stages.  We packed so much into the 6 days we were there, and I tried to take as many pictures as I could to document everything along the way...but since there was just so much going on, I'll let you enjoy it in segments!!  It'll be easier on you, me and everyone!!
Our trip began nice and early the morning of July 11th.  Thankfully, we had a straight flight from Phoenix to Calgary (the only way to fly with kids), but we still had to drive from Tucson to Phoenix, park our van in an off-site parking facility, take the shuttle to the airport and wait for said flight.  It made for a long day, especially since Bubba decided to not take a nap.  I almost, ALMOST, got him to sleep on the flight there and then made the mistake of scratching an itch on my leg or something and that was it...that tiny little movement ruined any chance of a nap.  Bummer!
Payton and Alexa both enjoyed a siesta during the 3 hour flight though.  Kevin definitely got the better end of this traveling deal! Next time, HE gets to have Barrett on his lap!! :-)  Oh and this was Payton's FIRST trip to Canada.  The last time we went as a family, I was pregnant with doesn't really count, does it??!! :-)
And then within minutes of getting settled in our rental van, we turned around and found THIS...the poor lil' tuckered out duder! 

After we made it to my sister, Katrina's, where we'd be staying for the first couple nights, we had a fun little BBQ with some family and old friends.  I wish I had gotten pictures with everyone that came...but trying to keep an eye on 3 kiddos in new territory AND visit with everyone made that task a little hard!  Here I am with my fabulous friend Stacey though.  She bought me a book of 10 free slurpee coupons to use while in gift. ever. THANK YOU!!! 

And here I am with my best friend from high school, Erin.  Man, the memories....ohhhhh, the memories.  We hadn't seen each other since my wedding so it was so great to catch up!  We'll have to make sure it's not another 8 years before we see each other again, m-kay?!

And just for fun, and because when I saw the above picture of Erin and I, I remembered having recently found an old photo album of my single days which contained THIS lovely beauty of a picture below...

Hahahah...Erin hasn't changed hardly a bit, still as beautiful as ever.  I, on the other hand....BOY HOWDY, am I ever glad the years have been good to me, or at least I hope they have.  This picture above was taken in 1998, doesn't that seem like a lifetime ago??!!  Man, I just can't stop chuckling as I look at this picture!  And I remember thinking we looked dang hot for the dance we were headed to that night!!!  HaHa!
Anywho...our younger sisters were friends too and so Megs came to the BBQ too.  So fun to see her and Erin both and their adorable kids.  Sometimes though it just blows my mind that so much time has passed!

After our fun little get-together, Kevin and I made a bee-line to get some much needed Canadian treats...some poutine, YUM! And a heavenly, oh so divine slurpee!!!  They just don't make 'em that good anywhere else.  (Truth be told, I had already had one slurpee on our way from the airport TO Katrina's house, but I wasn't going to pass by any opportunity while in Canada to have a slurpee!!)

The next day, we took some family pictures in the morning (more to come on that in another post), and then we took our kids to the Calgary Stampede.  I'd always loved going and was so excited to have my kiddos experience it as well.  First stop, the little mini-donuts...a MUST every year at the Stampede.  And they did not disappoint!

Then we let searched and searched for rides the kids, both of them, were tall enough to go on.  Apparently, we were looking in the wrong area (as we were later informed), but we finally found this that the girls both loved!

Our cute little family
Calgary Stampede
July 12, 2012

And then it was back to Katrina's house to enjoy hangin' out with family.  The girls absolutely LOVED spending time with their cousins!!