Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Canada Trip: Part 3 - Waterton

Another thing we did while in Canada that I've been wanting to do since we got married is go to Waterton Lakes National Park.  It's a big part of my growing up and I really wanted to share that with Kevin and the kids.  So before heading to the family reunion, we popped up to Waterton to play for the day and to meet up with my sister-in-law Christy and my niece, Sarah.  I haven't seen Christy since shortly after we got married, so it was a fun day!
The kids had fun at the splash park and park.

Barrett with my niece, Sarah.  What a cute duo!!  

Christy, Payton and, I've missed that lady!! 

You can't go to Waterton and NOT go to Big Scoop! It's against the law.  Seriously!

And then we took the kids down to the lake.  It was freezing cold, just like I remembered! 

But the view....breathtaking!

The Prince of Whales Hotel...
I always loved driving up to Waterton and catching a glimpse of that hotel! 

My cute girlies!

And my handsome men!

Kevin wanted to get a picture of him and Barrett wearing their University of Arizona shirts so that he could email it to the athletic director for the UofA and hopefully get an appearance in the Weekly Wildcat....and it worked!!

Our little family in Waterton Lakes National Park!
It was a tad bit windy that day, especially up on the hill by the hotel!

Sarah, Christy and me!

And our last stop while in Waterton was Cameron Falls.  What a beautiful place!

I'm so glad I was finally able to take my family to one of my favorite places!