Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Canada Trip: Part 2 - Garth

I was able to check something off my own personal Bucket List while in Canada.
The second night we were there, I went to....wait for it, waaaaaiiiit for it...
There was a time in my life, so long ago, when country music was a big, HUGE part of my life.  It was all I listened to.  I dreamt of cowboys, listened to all the sappy songs and LOVED it.
And I. Loved. Garth.  LOVED him. Like loved him so much that all I wanted for Christmas one year was a black silk tour jacket with his signature embroidered across the back.  Didn't get it...still not happy about that, but we'll leave it in the past! :-)  Anyways, then I moved to the big city when I was 15 and country music wasn't as cool there as it had been in the small town I'd lived in.  And even though I still loved it, it slowly faded in importance in my life.  I rarely listen to it now, partly because me Mister isn't a fan, like at all, but mostly because I don't really enjoy the new stuff that's out there now.  I like the good stuff, from 20 years ago...the stuff that will always hold a special place in my heart.
Soooo...we had found out several months back that Garth would be performing during The Calgary Stampede this year and I wasn't about to let this opportunity pass me by.  My sisters and I bought tickets and I have been looking forward to this day ever since!
Katrina, Benita and I all westerned up for the big night!! :-)
On our way there and sooooooooooooooo excited!!!

My other sister, Tausha also had tickets with her husband and two of their kids...but we were all sitting in separate parts of the arena.

I could see Katrina from where I was sitting.

I was behind the stage and to the left of it a bit and it turned out to be such a fabulous seat.
Just waiting for the concert to start!

And waiting for Garth to take the stage!!!!

Aaaaaahhhhh....a dream fulfilled!

I don't think I stopped singing or smiling the entire concert!  And when he sang Unanswered Prayers, I couldn't help from crying.  For reals, I'm not ashamed to admit it.  That song meant something to me during my growing up years and it's even more poingnant now...I'm so eternally grateful for the way my life turned out, for MY own unanswered prayers, that my Heavenly Father knew what was best for me even when I so badly, so desperately thought I wanted something else at various times in my life.

Then Trisha came out on stage (yes, I am on a first name basis with these people!!).
They sang together, which was amazing. 
And then she sang She's in Love With the Boy, and I couldn't hold back the tears again.  I know, I'm such a sap.  But, again, this song really, truly meant something to me as a vulnerable, fickle teenage girl.  There were definitely a couple times when I was soooooo SURE that I was in love with this boy or that boy.
Anywho, just love this song, love Trisha and loved having her perform it live!
AND, I got her to wave at me.  No. Joke.  While she was on stage, the two women sitting in front of me had left to go get another beverage and so that left a straight shot from me to the stage, with no one blocking my view.  Both Trisha and Garth came to the back part of the stage quite often and so it was quite up close and personal.  Well, during this particular song, when my view was unobstructed, Trisha started walking my direction and I immediately put both hands above my head and waved them back and forth....and lo and behold, she looked RIGHT at me, and waved back the EXACT. SAME. WAY.  Truly!  It was so fun!

And then they sang together again.

What an amazing experience.  Garth did like 3 encores, even coming back out in the Flames Jersey he had been given years earlier when he'd performed in Calgary before.
It was just such a fabulous concert!

Now to work on the rest of my bucket list!!